the simple things in life


» by Danni Miller

The page you are now reading, bless your heart, was the one that took me the longest to write. It was one of those things. What do you say about yourself that says a lot but doesn't make you sound weird. I mean, I avidly kayak, ride a bike to work, and drink exotic coffee that I grid myself. Those are just bullet points in a laundry list of who I am but they do not say much about me.

On the other hand if I was to go into greater depth on each of these points I am rather sure you would label me an annoying hipster. Which I can reassure you that I am not, most of the time at least.

What would really interest me is, who made these pages? The whole about me thing seems a little self centered when you stop and think about it. The whole site is about you, or at least it gives a look at who you are. So why the extra page? For the people that didn't get it? It seems like a throw back to some long lost web criteria, something like a mini bio. I can do that.

29yr, 6'2", 190lb.

Wow, that really filled it out. Bye!

In all seriousness, thanks for the read.