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May 22. 2016

Birthday Parties Ideas for the Adults Among Us

» by Danni Miller

So it is a lazy sort of Sunday. I mean the type that you hope goes on for the rest of the week, but know will only last a few more hours. This is both good and bad. Good because you know that if it was always like this then you wouldn't be able to appreciate it that much, and bad because for the short term you hope that would last just a little bit longer.

Lethargic is as good a word as any. And since that is the topic for the day we will explore it in context a little more.

relax its your birthday

If you read the last two paragraphs I am sure you know what I want for my Birthday. A couple of Sunday's backed up next to one another. And while I don't think that the people in charge of laying out the calendars will accommodate me here. It does seem like this isn't an unrealistic wish. There are plenty of birthday invitations designed for the less enthusiastic among us.

My girlfriend knows how I feel about the subject. Thought I agree, we all have them and birthdays are not just for children, though, inherently they are the ones that celebrate most of them.

It it this sort of prejudiced that I have to birthdays in general. The whole, "another year older, another year wiser" thing seems nice in theory, but beyond that I don't get much else out of them. That is why I didn't even get a card for my last birthday. Instead she gave me an envelope with two plane tickets. What a birthday gift, one that I will never forget and it even changed my opinion (at least a little).

This year, I made her promise it wouldn't be as extravagant, so she made me pick out the theme, and honestly I must not be the only person out there with that sentiment.

For the skeptics among you here is what a quick image search returned.

I'm not suggesting that I don't like a good chance to have a good time, but I generally prefer to do it at somebody else's birthday that at my own. Why is it easier to have a good time at somebody else's party than your own. Why is it easier to give a gift than receive one. This are the questions that I asked myself as I sat here and typed. And to be honest I don't have any answers. Sure there are some sneaking supposition. But then I am not qualified to make generalizations about birthday parties. I just know what "I" like and don't like when it comes to celebrating a party. Some of the birthday party invitations that I highlighted above give you a good impression of those likes.

One reason I think that, as an adult I am less prone to "just go with the flow" and enjoy the celebration, is because as a child you tend to have "birthday wishes" things that you want. Not the things that you need. Socks are a common cliché for an adult birthday party. But there are other examples of things that go into this category. And I am sure that you have some personal observations in this regard as well. After all, we're all different and the people that care about us make different observations. But the point is, as an adult you seldom make a request for a desired birthday present. You get it for yourself in the course of the year, rather than, oh sitting impatiently for several months waiting for it.

Maybe that is one reason why I have a hard time getting excited. Because the one thing that I know that I am looking forward to is not something that you can buy, waiting for it doesn't help either. When it comes to the perfect gift, we're all different, but as an adult you most often want the intangible goods. The ones, that as a child blowing out candles on a cake, seems silly and maybe even a little bit of a waste.

So for this birthday, I am making a birthday wish. And I hope that you do the same when your bday comes around. Wish for the thing that makes you the happiest, and then don't sit around impatiently waiting for it to come in a box so that you can tear the wrapping paper off. Go out and make it come true. Because for some of us, I don't think that what we really want can be put into a box. I don't think it would fit. And while the Wal-Mart has a lot of wrapping paper in their gift aisle. I really don't think that there is enough paper in this world.

This bday I am going to make a special wish and then I am going to give it a go. And when your birthday comes around I hope that you do the same.

Until then though, take care and God bless!